Mentoring Matters Conference

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Now in our 14th year, the Mentoring Matters Conference is one of the region’s most notable opportunities to bring timely, relevant and compelling information to mentoring programs, educators, youth serving professionals, mentors and families.


Close to 250 Professionals who attend our first day of the conference will hear the most recent research on successful and evidence-based practices to help young people – whether in mentoring programs, schools, youth agencies, religious organizations and businesses - while also learning from and interacting with their counterparts from other schools and social service agencies.


There is a dedicated track for people who are serving as mentors (either formal or informal/natural mentoring as well as peer mentors); these individuals greatly benefit from information and activities that strengthen their knowledge base about positive youth engagement. Mentors can expect to explore and develop skills to address important social and interpersonal issues which influence relationship development.  Significant new work has been done to assist mentors of young men of color, for example.


The second day of the conference is exclusively for mentees who are involved in mentoring programs. This YOUTH Day is an incredibly positive social and educational learning opportunity for over 200 Middle School and High School aged youth – exposing them to a college campus and significant personal growth. The Youth Day is FREE; PRE-REGISTRATION is required as there is capacity seating. Check out the 10 workshops being offered on this day below:


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This conference is only possible because of our committed partners and volunteers.  For the past 14 years, Long Island University Post has generously hosted our two day conference. Their state of the art facilities have been a wonderful resource to create a comfortable, interactive learning environment for the professionals and youth that attend.


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